border crossing Myanmar - Thailand

General Information 

  • You can access Dawei and enter Myanamar via the Htee Khee border.

  • This is the nearest exit point into Thailand and Bangkok via Kanchanaburi.

  • To enter Myanmar via Htee Khee you will need to have a Myanmar Visa from the Bangkok embassy beforehand, as this border is not open yet for eVisa. However, you can exit from Myanmar on an eVisa. 

HOW TO get from Dawei to Kanchanaburi / Bangkok

Hello Dawei offers a daily transfer departing Dawei at 7:30 in the morning to Kanchanaburi and onwards to Bangkok.


The physical Myanmar and Thailand border gates are separated by a distance of 6 km of “no-mans” land. 

Htee-Khee is a remote, small village located at the heart of a mountain valley. After you go through the Myanmar immigration, please return to the Hello Dawei minivan and we will continue to the top of the mountain, to drop you just in front of the Thai gate - Phu Nam Ron.

After you have completed your Thailand arrival card and immigration formalities, walk approximately 200m to the minibus stop point (at the end of the restaurant row), the purple 20 seat air-con minibus will take you to Kanchanaburi on a journey of approximately 1hr 15 minutes.

Book the transport with us:

1. Hello Dawei 4x4 car joint ticket: click here

2. Private car: click here

How to get from Kanchanaburi to Dawei

Starting from Kanchanaburi you should go the B6 platform at the Kanchanaburi bus station and take the Purple mini-bus departing at either 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00AM in the morning, to the Phu Nam Ron border.


The travel time is approximately 1hr 15 minutes. After you have completed the Thai immigration exit formalities, please walk 20 mtrs past the border gate and meet our mini-van/car waiting for you after the gate.


The Hello Dawei mini-van will depart at 11:00AM and 12:30PM. You can book your tickets online with us! For any other times outside the regular departure time, please contact us.

If you are travelling from Bangkok to the border on the same day, you should start you Bangkok early by taking the mini-van from Sai Tai terminal or Mo Chit terminal at 6:00 or 7:00AM. Travel time form Bangkok to Kanchanaburi is approximately 3hrs.

Book the transport with us:

1. Hello Dawei 4x4 car joint ticket: click here

2. Private car: click here

How to get a visa FOR MYANMAR IN bangkoK?

To apply for tourist visa you need a valid passport, 2 passport photos and to pay the visa fees.


Normal visa processing times are 3 days: Same day visa is possible for an additional fee. The Myanmar embassy in Bangkok is located on Sathorn Sai Road. For European countries, North America, Australia and New Zealand, you will obtain a 30 day free visa on arrival. 

The nearest border gate to Dawei is Phu Nam Ron which will link you with Kanchanaburi, located 1.5 hours drive away. 

Generally, you can enter Thailand twice per calendar year via land border.  Make sure you have the appropriate visa to enter Thailand. 


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