Dawei formely known as Tavoy,  is the capital of the Taninthayi division. Located 12 hours from Yangon and 10 hours from Bangkok via Kanchanaburi by border transfer, Dawei is a city surrounded untouched paradise.


Within the centre, the semi-sleepy tropical town is busy and filled with hustling River and Central markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other beautiful goods, such as longis (traditional Myanmar clothing) and Thanaka.

The Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda is the main religious site and walking through the town, you’ll be able to admire some of the beautiful colonial houses.

Also, don’t miss out on a beautiful sunset at Sunset Hill Pagoda, located just a 20 minute drive outside of downtown Dawei..


General Information:

Beaches in Myanmar are unlike others in the South East Asia, as the recent introduction to tourism means locals are not fully adjusted to locals swimming and sunbathing in swimwear.

Although this is not frowned upon, be vigilant that you may have locals giving you attention, as the culture here is to swim fully clothed.

Meaning you’ll see locals swimming fully clothed in shirt and jeans. It is advised that visitors are respectful of those around them when spending time at the beach.


Located 12 miles outside of Dawei, Maungmagan offers a vast sandy beach with a variety of simple restaurants flooding the shorelines offering fresh sea food dishes and a beer to drink when watching the sunset.

The water is safe to swim in on the South side of the beach, and is good for children as the water is very shallow.

Places to stay include Coconut Guest House: 500m from the beach front, coconut guest house offers beach accommodation



2 hours outside of Dawei Town, Grandfather beach is a stunning stretch of white sand and salty sea waves.

A short drive from the paradise beach bungalows, you can adventure and drive your motorbike along this beach.

Places to stay: Paradise Beach bungalows – located a short drive away, you can wake up to beautiful sea views (click here) to find out more



An hour drive away from Dawei city. Swim in the sea and relax on the beach and explore the surrounding pagodas.

The journey to Teyzit includes beautiful views of  mountains and rice fields.

You can also spot fishermen on their boats and young locals children playing in the sea.

What’s more, the presence of boulders and greenery makes this a picturesque place with a scenic backdrop.

Its rare

San Maria Bay

45 minutes continuing on the road from the south of Maungmagan. This beautiful beach is located on the road to the Myawyik Pagoda. (If you are lost on the road, this is what you should say to locals when asking for directions); the shrine itself is on a headland 500 metres to the north of San Maria Bay, and stretches out to sea on a long footbridge that can be a seen for miles around.

This beach is often empty and water is safe to swim.



Beach in the North of Dawei.

Roughly a 2 hour journey away from town via motorbike.

Drive across the wooden bridges and through the vast green flat lands to a ultimately desolate beach.


Pa Nyit

It is also known as Shaw Maw Beach, is a long beach with a beautiful monastery at the end.

Professional swimmers love to take leaps in the deep water here.


Shin Maw Pagoda

A magnificent 4 tiered Pagoda with a beautiful aged Bohdi tree and golden pagodas which have small bells that chime in the wind.
Descend down a tier and reach the prayer temple and continue to the lower tiers as you approach the ocean. Admire the beautiful detail in the pagodas and religious statues.


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